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Implus fosters a culture where passionate, creative people come together in a high-performing workplace to make a difference. Headquartered in North Carolina's Research Triangle Park, Implus is an innovative footwear, athletic, and outdoor accessories provider, with locations in the United States, Australia, Canada, Europe, Hong Kong, and South Africa. Implus' brand family includes Sof Sole, Yaktrax, apara, airplus, Sneaker Balls, Sof Comfort, Little Hotties, Harbinger, TriggerPoint, Perfect Fitness, Balega, Penguin, DryGuy, FitDeck, Spenco, Force Field, and FuelBelt. From insoles, socks, and shoe care to fitness equipment and seasonal accessories, Implus' products are sold in over 75,000 retail locations across North America and in over 70 countries worldwide. Every day is full of opportunities to have a meaningful, tangible impact and to innovate by bringing creativity to life.

Our retail partners enjoy unmatched returns on investment through Implus’ state of the art logistics, merchandising, and marketing capabilities, such as our “One Stop Shop” and VMI programs. Our 300,000 square foot domestic warehouse and distribution facility expedites the ordering and shipping processes, bringing a peace of mind to our clients.

Accessories are usually impulse buys for consumers and are not often the main focus for retailers. Through Implus’ One-Stop-Shop program, the company, via many of its brands, offers retailers the opportunity to furnish all of their accessories from one place. This saves retailers time and money, as Implus can provide shoe care, laces, insoles, etc. from a central location and can ship them all in one load.