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Implus® was founded in 1988 as Impact Plus, selling mail-order insoles. In 1991, the company launched its first sports-specific insole line under Sof Sole® , at the same time it was introducing Sof Comfort® insoles in Wal-Mart's footwear section. In 1995, the Airplus brand was launched to move into the pharmacy sections in Food, Drug and Mass.

In 2001, Implus introduced its first line of shoe care and laces into the marketplace through the Sof Sole brand. Airplus for Her products were first introduced in 2004 as the first footcare devices made specifically for women, followed by the Apara brand in 2005 that moved the same concept into family footwear and specialty stores. Also in 2005, the company launched its hosiery division, creating both performance and fashion socks.

Implus' first outside acquisition came with Yaktrax® in 2006, which propelled them into the Outdoor channel. Following that came the acquisition of Sneaker Balls® in 2007, building onto the shoe care division. Little Hotties® and Highgear® were acquired in 2009, which moved Implus beyond footwear accessories. In 2011, Implus broke into the fitness market with the acquisition of Perfect Fitness® . ICEtrekkers® was acquired in 2012 as part of the outdoor division, and in 2013 Penguin® was added to complement the current shoe care portfolio.

Implus is also the licensed producer of both New Balance Sports Monitors and Oakley Socks. From insoles and shoe care, performance and team socks, to ice traction, body warmers and navigational tools, Implus proudly distributes in over 75,000 retail outlets across North America and in over 70 countries worldwide.